August Alsina Serenades Angela Yee

August Alsina Serenades Angela Yee

Angela Yee has the boys singing their hearts out to her in front of hundreds! Earlier this month, at Spotlight Live, newcomer, August Alsina dedicated his remix of “Bandz A Maker Her Dance” to Angela Yee.

This gesture caught the attention of many and August has even had a few interviews about the smooth move. Below is an expert of his interview with All Hip Hop about the serenade:

AHH: The spotlight came on you last night because you serenaded Angela Yee from Power 105.1.
Alsina: That’s me putting the spotlight on myself. I didn’t know those people were going to be there. I saw everybody in the front row and why not put her on? As artists, we put ourself out there to be judged so let me give you something to judge me by and to remember me by. Plus, Angie is a beautiful woman, so why not sing to her?

We’re glad to know that August is part of the #TeamYee community!

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