Angela Yee Thinks Like A Man & Acts Like A Lady

Angela Yee Thinks Like A Man & Acts Like A Lady

Monica Taylor from Mommy’s Dirty Little Secret sat down for an exclusive interview with our very own Angela Yee.

Angela Yee of Power 105.1′s Breakfast Club is what we like to call a dating expert, not to mention she’s one of most powerful women in radio today. She’s used to being the one asking all the questions, but I sat down with Angela Yee and got to her reveal some of her dirty little secrets, dating advice, and more.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and later moving to New Jersey, Angela Yee is one of the few females to ever headline her own morning show. She’s also the host of Lip Service, a new show soon to premiere. Angela is Chinese and Montserratian and attended Wesleyan University in Massachusetts. Her first job after college was working at Wu-Tang Management.

Monica Taylor: For a person who asks people about their lives and business for a living, we sure don’t know a lot about you.

Angela Yee: I feel like people know a lot about me. Its probably because I date regular guys.

They call them RN’s (regular n****s)…

(Laughing) yeah I don’t need or prefer to date celebrities. I’m around too many high profile guys and get an up close and personal peek at their behavior. I know the game.

So you are single?

Yup! No boyfriend but I date often. Dating and the beginning of relationships are my favorite part. Everyone’s on their best behavior, you get lots of attention. Girls can be so busy looking to lock a man down they don’t enjoy the beginning when you’re getting to know each other…..that’s when women need to listen!

What’s worst date you’ve been on?

It was a blind double date…so you already know. This guy was name dropping and bragging the entire time. We went to a club, the guys couldn’t get in – so we left them on line and went in and partied.

What’s your dating pet peeve?

Letting the woman pay. I will offer, but a man should pay at beginning unless it’s established that this is MY treat. Says a lot about a man to me how he handles this.

Being around handsome high powered celebs isn’t tempting?

I grew up in Brooklyn and knew lots of famous guys, and guys before they became famous, so it’s not a big stretch. And besides being picky I’m a little bit of a tomboy so I have lots of male friends.

What’s your type of guy?

I love clean cut guys, fresh hair cuts, nails cut, good grooming. That’s important. I’m blunt and honest so a guy has to be able to handle that. I’m also usually the one who says lets take it SLOW! I don’t need to be “Wifey” in a few weeks.

What about manscaping?

Yes, he should shave his pubes! Its cleaner that way, not messy or musty!

What’s the biggest mistake women make with men?

Women need to STOP believing what men tell you! Look at his actions. Ladies, it’s a no brainer. If he texts instead of picking up the phone, if you haven’t met his friends or family, if he only asks to see you last minute… don’t kid yourself. If a guy likes you it’s simple- he makes long term plans with you, he will ask now what your July 4th plans are, his actions show he likes you and cares, regardless of what he says.

Biggest secret of men?

Men settle down when they are ready NOT necessarily for the right woman! A man will sacrifice the right woman if he’s not ready for commitment. So women do you and stop trying to convince a man of anything. Not gonna work.

Do you give your friends advice?

That’s a hard one because it doesn’t matter what you say, if a friend is not ready to see or hear the truth they won’t. I often keep my opinion to myself unless asked.

Have any celebrities ever gotten crazy over what you’ve said?

Oh Yes. Jim Jones was pissed about us reporting a fight he had. We were just the first to report it…we didn’t say anything wrong, but someone has to be blamed. Also, Xzibit went in on us over a comment over him not being a rapper anymore…lawyers even got involved.

Have you ever been in an uncomfortable situation with a friend or celebrity where you knew dirt was being done?

Yup. From where I sit I see a lot of that, but I’m a steel cage. I just pay attention and learn.

Tell me about new show you are working on Lip Service…

We’re doing a pilot for the show, which takes place in a lounge environment, and mixes in women you see in videos and magazines with artists/celebrities. We’ll be discussing personal and intimate topics that these personalities don’t normally address in interviews. It’s a great way for people to show their personalities and have fun at the same time.

How is it at 105.1′s Breakfast Club, being only the woman on a male team?

I’m used to that, especially in radio. I’m one of the few women to ever headline my own show…especially morning radio! Women are usually categorized as giving traffic and gossip. I was part of Cipha Sounds’ show on Shade 45 (Eminem’s channel) on Sirius Satellite Radio. When he left, I surprisingly chose not to make the move with him to Hot 97. Part of me was just comfortable where I was and knew it wasn’t my time. It was a very very risky move, but I stayed and the show became The Morning After With Angela Yee. Even after they let me head the show and named it after me, they were still looking for a male to replace Cipha. After years of the show being successful, I realized I had accomplished all I could at Shady and didn’t have the support to take it to the next level. Since I had nothing to prove I took the opportunity to go to The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1. It was the right decision for me. Cipha understands why I did what I did, and still supports me.

Angela Yee doesn’t hold back. Here’s some brutal advice for the ladies that will help you wake up:

What do you do when you really like a guy but he’s super cheap?

Sometimes as women we have to realize that being straight up is the best way to get your point across. Tell him specifically what bothers you (he got you an awful birthday present, he doesn’t tip) and see if he’s willing to work on it. If you don’t do that, then you’ll end up bitter and at some point explode.

What are some tell-tale signs that the man you’re dating is hiding that he’s in a relationship?

He doesn’t answer the phone late at night, he doesn’t invite you over, you don’t meet his family/friends, he doesn’t take you out with him, he turns his ringer off and phone upside down when he’s with you

What’s your opinion on sexting, yay or nay?

Sexting can be fun, but just remember that anything you send out could end up going public one day. Naked pictures without your face only if you feel the need, and nothing that would be too embarrassing if the world sees.

Is it OK to date a guy you’ve met on a social networking site?

I personally would only date off of an actual dating site where people are there for that specific purpose. If you happen to meet one of your followers or friends and decide you like them, that’s different.

Should women be wary of men who only text and don’t call?

A lot of men text because it’s easier in the beginning but you just have to text them, call me when you get a chance. I appreciate hearing someone’s voice and it’s hard to date seriously if you never talk. Some of your best conversations will happen on a late night phone convo. And you have to have that guy you can drunk dial and get silly with!

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