Zoya Gems and Jewels Nail Polish Collection

Zoya Gems and Jewels Nail Polish Collection

Let’s get Beaut-YEE-ful and take a look at Zoya‘s new items, the Gems and Jewels Collection, on sale now.

Zoya is a an affordable brand of nail polishes at $8 a bottle. I know, I throw numbers your way often, but affordability is at the top of the list when it comes to buying new products (wouldn’t you agree?).

I volunteered for fashion week last spring, and received a free bottle of Zoya, as a bonus of my hard work, along with a few other goodies. The color I was given was a rich burgundy that was long-lasting and heavily pigmented. After applying it did not leave a streaky finish. The color did not chip or peel three days after painting my nails, which happens with some brands, it lasted over a week.

But the new colors are very glitzy, very sparkly and very glittery! It is a blend of bar shaped glitter polish and shimmering neon colors. Now, from what I’ve read on other blogs, using both together (neon/glitter) gives the best results.

As an honest fan of nail care, glitter nail polish comes as a definite win in my book. Not only are glitter polishes standout, they dry quickly. Fast drying nail polish is a major plus when you just can’t wait 10 minutes for your hands to dry, your date is waiting already!

Raise your hand if you will be wearing the new collection please.


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