Yung Berg Talks Grammy Nomination, Ray J Show

Yung Berg Talks Grammy Nomination, Ray J Show

Yung Berg came by The Breakfast Club to discuss his Grammy nomination, his street credibility, Ray J stealing his reality show idea, and more. While we don’t hear Berg on the radio, he is hard at work behind the scenes, and was recently nominated for a Grammy for production on Lil Wayne’s “John.”

“I went to the studio with Polow Da Don and Roscoe Dash was there and he cut the record before it was Wayne’s record. Roscoe’s version was ‘Speedin’, speedin’, speedin’ in my brand new Lamborghini,’ and we [Polow & I] did that record. Then I got a call that it [“John”] wasn’t Roscoe’s song anymore, it’s on Wayne’s album.”

Angela then asked Berg about his street credibility and if he ever felt compelled to regain that for his fans. “I just watched crazy things happen with me. People I didn’t know popped up on WorldStar like ‘this my twin brother,’ pulling out pistols.” Fans already jumped to his defense & did their part to hold Berg down, in the intranets, while he worked hard in the studio to got paid.

On to the topic of television, it turns out that Ray J took one of Berg’s show ideas when a reality show had been in talks for Yung Berg.

“Ray kinda took my idea for the show. Me and Ray was on the ‘Sexy Can I’ tour and just having sex with multiple women across the country. [At that time] I was like we need to have a tour bus behind us and we need to have 12 girls on the bus. We go do our show, we pull out the JumboTron [while onstage] and whoever we not rocking with we kick them off and make them catch a Greyhound to wherever their house is and we continue to rock on our tour. And then a month later, ‘yo Berg come to the club and let’s perform “Sexy Can I” for my tv show, the pilot.’”

Watch the full Yung Berg interview below as he candidly explain other mishaps and make sense of the rumors surrounding his name:

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By Vanessa Denis

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