Lip Service The Blog: What To Get Your Boyfriend For Christmas!

Lip Service The Blog: What To Get Your Boyfriend For Christmas!

The holidays are here and while everyone is scrambling to get gifts for the people they got a list from, some people are in heavy debate about what to get a new beau. Here are some ideas about what to get a man for Xmas.

In any case, the best thing you can do is get someone what he or she asked for if you can afford it. Some people think it’s bad to ask the person what he or she wants but I disagree. The thing is… YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN LISTENING SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO ASK. Pay ATTENTION. Here’s ten gift ideas for you to buy a man you’ve been dating under a year.

10) Underclothes- Believe it or not underwear is a good gift for both sexes. There’s nothing like putting on pieces that aren’t stretched out, stained or have holes in them. Men, especially, seem to have this thing about them where they throw their underclothes out very often while girls will wear panties with holes in them and our favorite bra until it literally, breaks.

9) Wallet – A wallet is definitely something that men wait to get as a gift. I rarely see men in the store replacing their tattered wallet that everyone hates when he pulls it out.

8) Tickets to sports event – The tickets are even cooler when you don’t expect the other ticket to be for you and let him bring his friend who actually cares about sports as much as he does. Let him invite you. Encourage him to go with his friend so you can see if he genuinely wants you to accompany him instead.

7) Luggage- Cool luggage is a perfect gift for men, especially backpacks or messengers. Find one that suits his personality. If that’s too expensive then you can even do a gym bag.

6) Shoes- I know you’ve heard don’t ever buy a man shoes because he will use them to walk out of your life. Who cares. It’s easy. Get him some sneakers to play sports in or some hard bottoms to get a new job or bring in the New Year in.

5) A belt- There’s just some things that men know they need to replace but never actually get around to it. A belt is one of them, like their wallet. Get him a nice strong, classic belt and wrap it up.

4) Video Games- Getting him some new games might keep him in the house longer but he may be distracted a lot more than you expected.

3) Tech Accessories- New head phones, activity bands, camera lenses or even phone cases.

2) Sporting gear – basketball shorts/ tanks. That’s like buying women leggings. We all need leggings. You can also get other accessories such as boxing gloves, tennis racket, football, basketball, knee pads. Seriously, who ever has their own basketball or football? 😭

1) Flask – As ancient as it seems, men love flasks. Something about flasks makes men think they’re drinking in style. They have such ornate and cool ones everywhere.

…Let’s not forget cologne of course.

As boring as these options may seem, it’s to remind you that especially if you haven’t been dating long, you shouldn’t go overboard with gift giving. Of course I could have said buy him other things that guys like such as TVs, watches, cars and phones but if you’ve been dating under a year then you should be careful not to jump out the window with the types of gifts you give especially because it’s hard to follow up later  with other holidays and the later years if you last for a while. Another idea is to take a bunch of little things and just make a holiday basket with it. You can throw in a bunch of small things that he needs or likes and it suffice because they’re necessities.

Example- Headphones, lighters, lube (masturbate in luxury instead of lotion or Vaseline), cards, phone case, deodorant, cologne, underwear. Get creative.