Waka Flocka Talks ‘Triple F Life’, Complex Article

Waka Flocka Talks ‘Triple F Life’, Complex Article

“I’m just from a different era. I’m just not for the BS. I don’t know how people can approach you with nonsense, then when you get on it, just because I’m going to the next level [financially], I’m wrong. I’m suppose to just stay and talk to you? I’m not debating.”

Waka Flocka returned to The Breakfast Club to discuss his sophomore album Triple F Life: Friends, Fans & Family. He addresses his comments in Complex where he allegedly dissed Rick Ross and Jay-Z for stealing his style.

“Jay-Z been rapping since I was in school, how can I help this guy career? And then Ross, that’s crazy how people will fumble your words.”

“The only thing I said was, ‘I feel like my style of music put a spark back in Jay-Z. The “H.A.M.” beat, that’s our sound. So we felt good, like when I was talking to the writer. But he go swindle it to how he want to play it to make it to a big story.”

“When we heard Ross, I was like, “Got a main chick, got a mistress.” Then you hear, “I think I’m Big Meech, Larry Hoover.” It’s like the same thing. I was just making examples, I guess he took it out of proportion.”

Flocka also discusses touring with Drake on the Club Paradise tour, who he’s going for in the NBA finals, recording his new album in New York and a voice-over work in an upcoming cartoon series.

“I ain’t never satisfied with nothing. I always want better, like a better show. I be watching the show, I watch everybody’s show. I see everybody’s flaws and I watch all artists. So I try not to make the same mistake that another person makes, so I watch everything they do.”

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