Trey Songz Talks “Heart Attack”, Chapter V

Trey Songz Talks “Heart Attack”, Chapter V

Trey Songz came by The Breakfast Club to discuss his new single “Heart Attack” from his new album Chapter V, releasing mixtapes and the success of “Sex Ain’t Better Than Love”, Trey’s Angels, thoughts on the Trayvon Martin incident and upcoming film roles.

Labels reaction to putting out mixtapes:

“The label and I, we’ve come to an understanding where as though I’m going to do things for myself that may not work in the plan for us per-say but if I’m bettering myself, and I’m working towards having me fans consistently satisfied, then that’s for the betterment of us as a team. It used to be a time when I was putting out mixtapes and we wouldn’t have conversations about it or I’s put out a song everyday on Twitter and they would find out, but we more of a partnership now and they actually had a lot to do with the marketing and promotion of the mixtape, as well as the EP.”

Labels wanting a crossover sound:

“The success of crossover, I think we all want to attain, but the route to get there is what;s important to me, I feel like Heart Attack is a great records that could potentially do so. I’m always going to be a staple in R&B, I’m always going to be an R&B singer no matter how many crossover records or how many records I have in the Hot 100, in the top 10 spot, the top 40, whatever you want to call it. It’s important for me to keep my music urban and keep my music what I started it to be as, because it’s not cool to be an R&B singer no more, that’s not the thing to do if you want a hit.”

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