Tionna Smalls Talks Dating, Men Love Abuse

Tionna Smalls Talks Dating, Men Love Abuse

Tionna Smalls came by The Breakfast Club to promote her new book titled Men Love Abuse: The Guide to Losing The Nice Girl Image & Getting The Man You Want. “Men do not like nice girls and nice girls are finishing last,” says Tionna. “Sometimes you got to treat a man like you don’t care. That’s abuse, not smacking, I don’t want you girls to get your behind whooped trying to listen to my book title.”

Angela asked the guys how they feel when a woman cries in front of them.

“It depends on what they’re crying about,” Charlamagne answers. “Like I told you about the young lady I was having sex with; Started crying right before I put it in. And I’m like, ‘Yo, it’s not that big!'”

“No, I think maybe it was too small,” Angela said.

C Tha God continued: “When I asked her why she was crying, she was like, ‘Because I want you to take me serious and I want to be with you.'”

“Was this before or after you got this job?,” Tionna asks.

“It was while I had it,” says Charlamagne. “Oo ok, mmm, we know what that means,” Tionna comments.

“I think she was making me pay for abuse that she had from men prior,” C concluded.

Angela asked the question: “Do men love abuse? Because it is true. We’re not talking about physical abuse. We’re talking about men prefer women that are a bit of a challenge, that are strong, that aren’t going to just immediately do what you want them to do.”

Tionna discusses why Chili’s had trouble in her relationships and C asks Tionna if she thinks Chili is a weak woman. “She not a weak woman, she’s more of a delusional woman, not a weak woman. Just a little delusional but that’s because she was raised in this industry at 19 years old. Guys used to just throw themselves at her. She never learned the principles it took to keep a man or get a man.”

Watch the rest of the interview for the discussion about dating, questions you should know and more!

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