Tiny & Toya Check In

Tiny & Toya Check In

Ms. Bourgeoisie and I had a fun phoner with Tiny and Toya, and now I can’t wait to get them in the studio. Toya said that she’s writing a book, started a company called Visual Beauty to work with young girls, and opening up a clothing boutique for kids with Tiny. Toya addresses the pink gun she got for her birthday, and pleads the fifth when asked who did give it to her.

Tiny says that TI loves the show once he had a chance to sit down and watch it (he even called during the interview and she missed the call.) Tiny says TI will be home at the beginning of the year and says they’re planning to get married sometime in the summer, with the planning to commence once he’s home. So maybe she can finally take the “Single Ladies” song off her phone!


[audio:http://angelayee.mystagingwebsite.com/audio/tiny-toya .mp3]

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