The Roots Talk ‘Undun’, Jimmy Fallon

The Roots Talk ‘Undun’, Jimmy Fallon

The Roots, the legendary group origninally from Philadelphia came by Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club to talk about Undun, their thirteenth album, and there were many secrets revealed!

For starters, Angela asked Black Thought and Questlove to explain “Undun” for fans because it is their first “concept album.”

“This album follows one particular character, Redford Stevens at the beginning of the album, who wakes up and finds himself dead. The album is about him going through different moments in his life, which led to him being where he is which is ‘undun.’ [The album] takes place at the very end his life, but it plays from death to ‘back to life,’” Black Thought carefully explained. “The album is a soundtrack without a film,” Questlove added.

Angela also pointed out that the album is short which is for fans to maintain interest and focus on the story.

“Just the whole idea of a sprawling 70min album and getting all your boys on the posse cut is,” and as Questlove paused Black Thought added; “That’s so Blackberry!” and the room roared with laughter as they unanimously agreed.

When it comes to working with their manager Rich, the pressure remains high.

“I think it’s important of any circle of this caliber, to have one unbiased central figure that spits the truth and says ‘that was garbage’ or ‘it’s whatever.’ Our manager and our producer, Rich, really makes you sweat for it. You think it’s the best thing in the world but, on “Make My” the little instrument code at the end, I had to submit 6 times. Something as minuscule as a minute intro; I had to turn in 5 of those nothing goes unturned.”

The group candidly discussed the Michele Bachmann incident from her recent visit to Jimmy Fallon:

“The misogynistic angle for which it was viewed, I overlooked that; I was talking about her policy angles,” Quest professed. “The emphasis was more on the lying than the b*tch part,” Black Thought supported.

Angela asked if they have to get their music approved now. “It’s not that strict under law but yeah they now want to know what we do,” Quest says. “I will let the snark fly still. We’re a comedy show. We’re in the same building as ‘Saturday Night Live’, where that type of satire and humor, it runs rampant and even worse. They’re not going to censor me, but they definitely want to know and be cleared ahead of time.”

Black Thought talks about how his solo album would differ from The Roots albums saying:

“It would just be different production than our in house team. It would be me rapping over less instrumental live played music and more sample driven stuff. I don’t think it would we that different. With The Roots even though we’re calling this our first concept album, with every album there’s some concept. It could get heavy doing a Roots record. So when I work with the Jam Boyz or the Works, or step outside of the Roots, it’s just me doing more light hearted material.”

The rest of the exciting interview is below, hurry up the video is waiting!

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By Vanessa Denis

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