The Breakfast Club “CoSigns” Freddie Gibbs

The Breakfast Club “CoSigns” Freddie Gibbs

Today, Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club interviewed Freddie Gibbs who recently signed with Young Jeezy’s CTE (Corporate Thugz Entertainment). Gibbs gave DJ Envy, Angela, and Charlamagne a copy of an exclusive track “Stripes” featuring Young Jeezy, which will be premiering tomorrow, May 3rd as exclusive of the day during the morning show. This is Freddie Gibbs’ first collaboration of many with Jeezy.

His next project A Cold Day in Hell should be coming out on his birthday June 14, “Baby-Faced Killer” is still on track for his first solo album, and he has a secret collaboration release with a producer that he can’t give too many details about.

The interview began as Gibbs reminisced on some friction he had with DJ Envy from his Freshmen XXL show. DJ Envy introduced him and stated that Gibbs and Michael Jackson were from the same place, Gary, Indiana. Envy felt the heat after logging onto twitter as fans asked “Why Gibbs throwing stabs at Envy?” Fortunately their beef was squashed as Envy stated he was only reading the script from MTV (Ron Burgundy) and that’s what they had.

Once the “beef” cleared up and the laughs settled down in the studio, Angela then asked about his outspoken character and if he regretted anything he’s said before. Freddie stated that he has no regrets and if he’s ever said it, he meant his words. Freddie even referenced Lil B revealing they spoke last night and cleared up any ill feelings.

“I talked to Lil B last night, I was like look man, it definitely wasn’t no situation like I was gonna come kick your ass, you ain’t no match for me. I just don’t agree with your message…I just told him you got a platform with a lot of fans I just think you should use that to do something other than that talking about some weird shit all the time…if you gay that’s what you do in the privacy of your own home, I just don’t condone it. He told me he ain’t gay so that let me know that’s some bullshit and I called him on it.”

The interview then hit the “million-dollar” question: what made him choose Young Jeezy to sign with and how was that decision made?

Charlamagne rolled onscreen asking what about Jeezy would make him (Gibbs) hot because he’s “ice cold right now.” Freddie leaned in and stated “We was in the strip club we did the deal on a handshake. We was in magic city. It wasn’t about the money or no shit like that. I wanted to mess with a guy who I respect and admire…” and he chose him because of his track record and he respects Jeezy for what he’s done in music.

When asked about his relationship with fellow XXL Freshmen alum Pill, who is signed to Rick Ross, he said their newly formed affiliations shouldn’t affect their relationship since they worked together previously.

After discussing how he feels about Jae Millz and artists expressing their opinions about other artists, Freddie was asked about being banned from a few places due to some negative comments he made about the Shady Records roster. This included him talking about being signed with Interscope and challenges he faced after being dropped from the label.

On the lighter side, Freddie Gibbs does have a sex tape that could potentially surface after he and his boys ran a train on a female in his younger days, and the young lady stole the tape. But no worries, he always goes first on the train!

The interview lightly touched on Freddie being part of a new rap super group and his allegiance to Bun B and Young Jeezy. The recent death of Osama Bin Laden was brought up and he believes everyone’s religion should be ultimately respected. Gibbs then expressed his distaste for what Funkmaster Flex said about Tupac back in December 2010 at New York’s BB Kings:

“I like Funk Flex but Imma keep it real since I’m out here, I don’t really like that Tupac shit he did. I respect Funk Flex as a DJ and everything he did for the game but that really rubbed me the wrong way. I think he need to call ‘Pac mom and apologize. I know n*ggas that’s dead that I didn’t like in the hood but I’m not gonna speak on them no more, I’m not gonna go spit on their grave…respect the dead.”

Thanks to Freddie Gibbs for being our first guest on “The CoSign” on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club! We’ll be highlighting the most buzzed about new artists and even debuting new music, so keep checking to see who gets the next cosign!

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