The Adventures of Dice and Po

The Adventures of Dice and Po

Dice and Po visited The Breakfast Club to discuss their frequent appearances on La La’s Full Court Life, intimacy and relationships, Po’s music, hosting parties, wildest night on the road and pitching their own reality show The Adventures of Dice & Po.

“We grew up together,”  Dice says about her cousin La La. “My mom and her mom are sisters.”

“I kind of popped up on her couch,” says Po “through mutual friends and I thought I saw staying at my friends place but it was actually La’s place. And she was kinda like, ‘When are you going home?’ And I was like, ‘Uhh, uhh.. Never.’ So I kind of just stayed there and that’s literally what happened.”

Dice talks about her sexuality and her influence on other women:

“I have a lot of people that will reach out to me on Facebook or Twitter and just tell me like, ‘Yo, you just made it easier for me to come out to my family’ or ‘I look up to you’ or they’ll hit me [with], ‘How can I come out to my family? I’m going through this and that. Can you help me and give me words of encouragement?’ That’s definitely a great thing if you could reach out, especially to the young kids.”

Listen to Dice spit game to Ms. Yee and find out if Angela’s curious at all.

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