Teddy Riley Defends Himself

Teddy Riley Defends Himself


Teddy Riley called us this morning to talk about his daughters Deja and Taja, who are 18 and 21, and addressed the rumors that he assaulted them. He said they called the cops and reported that he had pulled a gun on them. According to Teddy, he has been dealing with his daughters disrespecting his home and not cleaning their rooms for the past 3 years, and this altercation was due to the fact that he kicked them out of the house and was not going to fund their lives anymore.

“I had to put my foot down and I used Christmas. Christmas was the time where they want a lot of stuff and I usually put together budgets and I go all the way on Christmas and everybody knows this.”

The situation gets even messier, as Teddy says that their mother is now using this as leverage to try to take his son, little Teddy, away from which would break his heart.

The mentality of his daughters is, “Now that you’re not going to get anything from dad anymore, let’s try to shut dad down.”

When asked what his daughters actually do for a living, he responded:

“They dance for different people, for different artists. They’re dancers, they dance in videos and different things like that and they made that their career… It’s not something that is steady for them but if that’s what they want to make their careers… I can’t have them living off of me, they’re bringing him 2 or $3,000 a month and they don’t even buy anything to clean their room with.”

As far as the pictures of Taja where she is bruised and bloodied, Teddy offered this:

“If you think about it, you can do photoshop you can do pretty much anything. Like I said if that was really how she looked I would be in jail right now. Police came here, they took pictures of me they took pictures of her. So if that was any bit what it was I would be inside a jail. They would have arrested me for that night at least.”

It seems like Teddy is going all out to defend himself against the portrait that his daughters have painted of him, and people that know him personally feel this would be totally out of character. After listening to his explanation, and hearing how upset he sounded, it does seem believable. I can just imagine how dirty the girls’ rooms are because he kept stressing that they don’t ever clean their rooms! Shame that you have to tell grown women to do that.


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