Tashera Simmons Talks ‘Couples Therapy’

Tashera Simmons Talks ‘Couples Therapy’

Tashera Simmons came by to talk about her relationship with DMX on The Breakfast Club and why they chose to be a part of VH1’s “Couple’s Therapy”.

As for their new show, the two aren’t on it to get back together and everyone on the show came for different reasons. “Well, when I was presented the show, that was one of the options [to repair the relationship] or to renew the friendship or just totally go our separate ways. But, we definitely renewed our friendship. You’re gonna have to definitely see the show.”

When it comes to DMX’s outburst on marriage, viewers weren’t the only ones shocked about the confession.

“That came as a shock to me because me and him were having –you have to see it- but we were actually having a conversation. I said something that he didn’t really appreciate and then he just hit the deck and he just came out and said that which I was just like, alright, this is a cop-out right now.”

Aside from marriage, Tashera acknowledged that they only have four kids together and that she only honors X’s two kids outside of marriage who have had blood tests. Angela then asked Tashera for her thoughts on why X is reluctant to make sure the women who claim to be the father of their kids with a blood test.

“I have no idea, but this is something that I stress, I said it in the show. I was just like; you can’t claim a bunch of children without getting blood tests, especially if you didn’t have no relations with the woman.” But Tashera’s comfortable with treating X’s kids as her own if the tests comeback positive.”

“To me, at the end of the day, it’s about the kids and right now we’re in a place where I feel like we need to get into a place to get it together and get our children together –if they are his, and moving forward, I think that’s what we need to do as friends.”

The conversation took a turn when Tashera told the Breakfast Club that she found out about DMX’s infidelity the third of their 6 year separation, the revelation tore her apart. Through all of this, Tashera still maintains a cordial and respectful relationship with X and she’s not interested in speaking poorly of him at all.

The interview dug deep, check out the full clip below.

Watch the trailer for the new series:

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