Swizz Beatz: More Than Music

Swizz Beatz: More Than Music

Swizz Beatz joined The Breakfast Club to discuss the numerous business ventures he’s involved in such as Reebok, Christian Louboutin, LOTUS, Aston Martin and more.

“It’s not about me being on a producer level with [bringing Korean music to the states]. It’s just more of building a tunnel so all the boundries in music can start getting rolled over becuase it shouldn’t be about Korean music, music from the states. Music is one voice. Music is a universal voice. So I just wanted to start over there in Korea because their music movement is huge, and we sure don’t know about it.”

“Traveling has been like one of the biggest things with me growing sonically because you get a chance to hear other cultures. You get to see other things then you can understand: Ok you hot, but there’s some other sounds that’s hot as well. You mix those things together and you can have success.”

“I’m a student, so I’m always looking for more information, definitely more information people put in front of me, people tell me… I like to do homework and research to see what to waste my time, what not to waste my time with and it works. And also teaching at NYU gave me a big responsibility to go even deeper into having knowledge and knowing what’s going on. So all those different things made me go in deeper to art and everything like that as well.”

“I just moved myself from the traditional way of doing business in the music industry, because I just feel like the traditional way of doing business is not updated with the times that we living with the technology driven world. And I think that the greed, the oldest paper pushing business in the world which is the music industry, it has to change. I remember when the music industry could have owned 50% of everything digital. Everything. Half of iTunes, half of everything. But the greed and the miscommunication with the technology, it just messed up everything for the traditional way of doing business.”

Watch the rest of the interview where Swizz discusses his involvement with Megaupload, no unity in New York Hip Hop, his Bronx charter school, attending the White House correspondents dinner and his wife Alicia Keys.

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