Spoken Reasons Talks ‘New King of Comedy’

Spoken Reasons Talks ‘New King of Comedy’

Spoken Reasons joined The Breakfast Club to discuss blowing up YouTube, the lawsuits he’s facing over naming his mixtape The New King of Comedy, signing Steve Rifkind as his manager and his goals for the future.

Lil Duval noticed Spoken online and retweeted his “Basic Bitch” video, but apparently Duval doesn’t really like him. “Lil Duval don’t like me. It’s ok. Im’a put it like this. I really think Lil Duval like me but he just ain’t gonna respect me. I know how Lil Duval operate. He respect me, but he don’t like me. And from then on when stuff started poppin’ off and he just be shootin’ subliminals for no reason.”

“I’m not walking around saying that I’m the best. I got a mixtape out saying ‘New King of Comedy.’ It’s not saying I am the new king, its just basically saying it’s a new era. Out with the old, in with the new. If you ever look at it, every five years it’s a new comedian coming out. You got Martin Lawrence, and then five years later it’s a Chris Tucker, then five years later it’s a Mike Epps, five years later it’s a Katt Williams, and then you got Kevin Hart on top.”

“No disrespect to Richard Pryor and all the guys who been on stage. I actually get on stage, I do stand up. Do I do it as much as they do it? Have I put in as much work on the road as they have? No, I haven’t done it but it’s just a new age, a new era, and it’s just a new wave. I call myself the Soulja Boy of comedy. When he first came into the game doing the whole YouTube thing, all the old heads said, ‘F this nigga, I’m not getting down with it.’ And that’s pretty much where I’m at right now.”

Watch Spoken Reasons perform his spoken-word poem “May Be The Last Time” live.

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