Royce Reed Talks Basketball Wives

Royce Reed Talks Basketball Wives

Basketball Wives’ Royce Reed came to The Breakfast Club to discuss the new season, her role in “Platanos and Collard Greens,” her relationship with Dwight Howard, her new love with Braylon Edwards, and being a ‘relationship girl.’

Royce’s seat heated up quickly as DJ Envy asked if she regretted participating in the dance contest held at Ludacris’ party and she admits that it was moment she wishes could take back.

While some may think the video clip from the party led to Dwight Howard walking away from her, Royce makes it clear that she broke up with Dwight. As for the gag order against Royce from Dwight, this happened as a result of Royce signing paperwork she did not fully understand; the lesson here is to read whatever you sign carefully.

Angela then asked about Royce’s new beau, who plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the photo she tweeted that angered a few Dwight Howard fans.

“I didn’t think it was a big deal,” Royce says. “I was in the kitchen cooking and Desmond [her son] had gone to sleep and Braylon was actually in the living room playing video games, and he got up and he walked in there. I just thought he was going to the bathroom but he didn’t come out for like twenty minutes, so I walked in there and they were just both asleep. Braylon loves Desmond, he adores him, so I just thought it was a cute picture. I didn’t think it was gonna be that big of a deal but when I think about ‘this is a superstars child’ he also has fans, but a lot of people are thinking like that.”

Envy changed the scenario and asked how she would have reacted if Dwight took a photo with Pinky The Pornstar and her son if they were dating. The example was a bit extreme and Envy simplified it by asking if she would have been upset if Dwight took a photo of their song with a woman he’s dated.

“No, not at all. If this is his girl and someone that he has in his life for sure and he thinks she’s gonna be around for a long time.”

Angela then noted that Royce looks to be that “fall in love” kind of girl, especially when she went ring shopping with her last boyfriend two seasons ago on Basketball Wives.

“I’m a relationship girl and I think for me, I was so in love with the fact that I want to be married like my parents who have been married forty-plus years and I want that. I almost made a huge mistake by being with somebody that I didn’t really love so my parents kind of stepped on the brakes, they were like this isn’t right, we know you’re not happy.”

Royce explained if this relationship tore her way from her friendships with the women on the show.

“I felt like, even with me, I was so defensive about it that it did pull me apart from them because I was always defending something that even I knew wasn’t right. We just ended it and he’s doing his own thing and I’m doing my own thing. We don’t hate each other, we don’t speak. I don’t know [if he had been using me] and I don’t wanna say ‘yes’ and I don’t wanna say ‘no.’ But there have been some things that he has done that have been very suspect to me.”

Watch the entire interview and see Royce speak about her dance company, filming conflicts with Evelyn and Shaunie, and marriage.

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