Rock on Wayne!

Rock on Wayne!


Lil Wayne debuted his new rock-n-roll persona overseas last night when he and his band played their first live show on British soil at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo in London.

Da band covered Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way” and also performed the guitar heavy “Prom Queen” from Weezy’s forthcoming album, Rebirth.

According to England’s longstanding rock magazine NME who was there to review the performance, Wayne walked on-stage with an electric guitar strapped to his chest and declared, “‘If you ain’t afraid to rock, show me,’ before making a devil horn hand sign which the audience mimicked.”

When it came to his actual guitar playing, the blokes at NME feel Wayne can use a little more practice:

“Apparently unable to actually play the guitar, Lil Wayne tapped at one string frenetically,” they said.

Someone needs to slip this guy a how-to book.

To check out the setlist and read the entire review, click here!

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