Robin Thicke Talks Paula Patton, Love After War

Robin Thicke Talks Paula Patton, Love After War

Robin Thicke joined The Breakfast Club to discuss his new album Love After War, marriage to Paula Patton, and possibly getting into acting. “After taking a year and a half off to help raise the baby and help my wife, I feel like, ‘I guess I got my swagger back!'”

Thicke says the key to a great marriage is, “Lots of great sex, high heels, and lingerie.” DJ Envy says the smartest thing Robin did was have a baby with his wife. “I had to lock her up,” he responds. “I was afraid, what if I don’t have a baby. She’s blowing up. I got to hold it down.”

Angela Yee asked about being away from his wife while she was filming Mission Impossible 4 and he’s promoting the album. “The cool thing is we got to spend a lot of time together before this happened. We had a good 3, 4 months at home and our love’s never been stronger. So we never been more ready for this three weeks apart. The hard part is being away from the kid for a couple weeks.” He also addresses the rumors of their marriage falling apart.

Robin and Paula have been together since high school. “There’s nothing stronger than that,” he says. “Because the thing is, if you can change together, because everybody changes. I’m not the same person I was five years ago, and neither is she. She’s a beast. So it’s like you got to be able to change with each other. So luckily we’ve been able to adapt.”

He talks about Paula starring in his new video and her influence on his music. “She’s my editor,” Robin says. “I’ll bring her something and she’s like, ‘You sound like a bitch. You need to sing it like a man.’ She’ll tell me straight up. She’s my biggest critic and muse.”

Thicke discusses raising his infant child saying, “I lost my man hood. I’m sitting in the house taking care of the baby. [Paula’s] on the set Faboloso and working out, coming home. I’m just looking disgusting with food all over me. And I was like, ‘I really respect what women have to go through’. And that’s what a lot of this album is about, is about the Respect that you have for what a woman has to go through when she has a baby.”

Charlamagne Tha God asks if he plans on doing any acting. Robin says, “I’ve always tried to be real cool when the camera was on or waned to be a real artist and thought I had to be a certain way. But it seems after the baby was born these past few months, it opened up my spirit, and I’m a little more fearless than I ever been in front of a camera and I don’t have those pre-conceived ideas about myself. I feel like now I might be ready to try that, but before that, I never wanted it to get in the way of the music. But I also don’t want to embarrass myself to my wife.”

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