Rick Ross Talks Beef, MMG, New Album

Rick Ross Talks Beef, MMG, New Album

Rick Ross stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss his new album God Forgives, I Don’t, past and presents beefs, and his Maybach Music Group empire. Charlamagne Tha God asked if he’ll ever be cool with 50 Cent. Ross said it’s a “good chance” that wouldn’t happen. C said it seemed like he “morphed into a monster” after the 50 beef. “Not at all,” Ross responded. “I think people just recognized how I move, that’s how we always got down.”

DJ Envy talks about certain artists being untouchable. “Jeezy was an asshole,” Envy says. “And the reason I said that is because when he was popping, he was one of those artists that you couldn’t touch. Same thing with Ja Rule. He was one of those artists when he was popping, you couldn’t touch him. You couldn’t ask for a freestyle, you couldn’t ask for a record, you couldn’t ask for a song. So now when he starts going down. The same people you were [an] ass to on your way up, now you expect them to help you on your way down, and your like, ‘For what?’ That’s what happened with Ja.”

Ross responds, “I think it goes back to everybody’s true hustling roots. When you really understand the hustle and the grind, you know the kind of relationships it takes to go to that next level. Same way in the streets. And that’s how we apply the game here.”

Charlamagne asked if it’s really a problem with Young Jeezy that they couldn’t be in the same room together. “That could be an issue,” Ross says. “But I’m not really tripping, because it was something that was brought to me. I never had a problem with any of these dudes. So I just address what I see. I just take it for what it is. I ain’t trippin’.”

Rozay talks about signing Meek Mill saying, “We met up at the radio station [in Philly], and I flew him down to Miami and we just chopped it up. We knew we was going in the same direction is what it basically boiled down to. He understood my vision, I understood his, and we just made it happened. And here we are, the music’s speaking for itself. He’s in a great position and his debut album is going to be huge.”

Angela Yee asked if there were any other artists he wanted to sign. Ross says, “As a whole, the team pretty much came together with Wale, Pill, Stalley, DJ Scream, Meek Mill, I’m always looking at new artists. It’s a lot of dope artists’ that’s out there. We may make a move or two in the future. But as a whole, everybody we sat down with, everything came together and it just feels good and we’re all making dope records.” He said there’s “a possibility” of French Montana signing with MMG and that he flew him down to Miami recently.

Charlamagne asked if it bothers him when people say stuff about his past as a c.o. “Not at all man, because where I come from, smart is the new gangster. If you don’t know how real hustlers get down, you don’t rock with that, you don’t know how that go, I can understand, you aint got to rock with me. But we gonna get money on this side, and we gonna continue to win on this side.”

They discuss Wale‘s new album Ambition and him being a passionate/sensitive guy. “I think that’s one of the good things about him,” Ross says. “He’s really concerned with the message he puts out and the message people receive from him. And he just wants it to come across, and he means it so much… But just to watch an artist like him work, I learned a lot of things from him this past year, so November 1st y’all make sure y’all go get that album. Just watching our grind and the amount of music we put out, I think it really just shows where we out over here at Maybach Music and our focus. We not focused on beefs, we not focused on disputes, we focused on hit records, we focused on releases, we focused on making history.”

They talk about DJ’s in New York not messing with Ross when he was going through his beef with 50. They also discuss Ross’ VIBE Magazine cover story with Angela, possible MMG movie/documentary, Meek’s debut album, allegedly getting robbed overseas, beef with Kreayshawn, and working with Just Blaze on his new single “I Love My Bitches.”

Envy asked Ross about fixing his gmail account so his records wouldn’t leak. “We used to hack in the gmail and get all the joints,” Envy says. Ross responds, “I ain’t gon front. I knew Envy had something to do with that conspiracy, because every time a record would get leaked, he would call me and be like, ‘Your record leaked, is it alright if I play it?’

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