Renee Graziano Talks New Season of Mob Wives

Renee Graziano Talks New Season of Mob Wives

Renee Graziano visited The Breakfast Club to talk about her surgery, Drita and Karen fighting at her party, and reuniting with Junior!

DJ Envy asked Renee to explain her surgery and what happened after she left the doctor.

“I went to go get an ass and a tummy tuck. During the surgery the doctor didn’t restrain me as he was supposed to and when I came home I split my back open. They had to rush me back [to the hospital]. I lost 6.3 pints of blood, I had a 3 pint transfusion and I spent 16 days in the hospital.” Angela then asked Renee is this would count as a malpractice suit? “Yeah, malpractice and a lot worse than that.”

Charlamagne asked if her bouts of depression came  about because of her size. “No, I have been fighting depression for about 20 years. It’s the [mob] lifestyle, it definitely has had its effects on me.”

Charlamagne and Angela asked if she would ever do the show again considering the negative and positive the series has had?

“It’s not something I would ever do again. If I had a chance to pick someone, it wouldn’t be someone involved in that lifestyle. But it has allowed me to show other people, the ‘behind-closed-doors’ side of it with the depression and low self-esteem because that’s a big part of it, when the husband’s always cheating.” To that response, Angela pointed out that other cast-members deal with cheating too and that it must make you think, ‘It’s not me.’ “Not at all,” Renee says. “Drita’s husband was cheating with my ex-husband’s girlfriend.”

Angela went on to say how the fight between Drita and Karen was the worst reality television fight she’s ever seen. Also, because of that fight it seems like the two will never reconcile their differences, which stemmed from Drita marrying Karen’s ex-boyfriend.

“Yes. Actually, they hadn’t made up from the first season when they had the fight on the rooftop. So they’ve still been back and forth trying the best way to get them to talk, which I figured at my party, might be a good idea, hence it was not. As far as Karen is concerned, it’s over friendship and Drita feels that Karen has been disrespectful to her family since she’s married Lee.”

Angela mentioned the make-up between her and Junior on the latest episode and how he wants to be with her.

A tearful Renee began to explain, “My relationship with him is very complicated, very complicated. I’ve always cut him enough slack and I think now at this stage that we’re in, it’s pretty much –there is no more room.”

Envy asks about the rumors that Junior testified against Renee’s family. “He didn’t testify,” she says. “According to documents, he wore a wire.” They ask who he wore a wire around and Renee responded, “My father.” C Tha God asks if her father ended up doing “serious time” because of the wire? Renee replies, “No, not that I know of. Whatever the conversation was wasn’t anything that could hurt him. They did take his good time away, so they put him back into prison. He came home on August 4th and went back in on November 21st.”

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By Vanessa Denis

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