Ray J Talks Hoe Appreciation, Gangs, Kim K

Ray J Talks Hoe Appreciation, Gangs, Kim K

Ray J checked in with The Breakfast Club to discuss the different projects he’s working on. He’s has a new single out called “Bananas” with Rick Ross & Rico Love, and a new reality show on the way. “I got one in the works,” he said. “Brandy didn’t want to do A Family Business. She wanted to focus on the music, so I’m going to just create something centered around me.” He said he’s also working on a book titled Death of a Cheating Man.

Envy asked him about “making” Kim Kardashian. Ray said he was “drunk that day” when he made those comments. Charlamagne asked him if he thinks Kim’s marriage will last. Ray said, “I hope so. I wish them the best, I ain’t no hater. I had a lot of love for her, and I still do. I wish them the best, and continued success.” Ray said he’s single and that he slowed down on messing with women. “I slowed down a whole lot, like a 360,” he said. “I was just tired of smashing new chicks I didn’t know. I got burned out.”

They honored Ray J live for Hoe Appreciation, and Angela called in to run through the long list of chicks he smashed. Ray gave his acceptance speech saying, “I want to thank everybody for a great time, but its a new day, its a new me. I’m a changed man. I’m looking forward to just being responsible, taking care of my business as as a man, and as an artist. Thats where I’m at today. But I want to thank everybody for my past life, and all the good times we had.”

Envy asked Ray what he thought about gangs in the industry, given hat he “dibbled and dabbled” in it growing up. “A lot of people don’t even really believe, or even know about my life growing up,” he said. “I think right now its so commercialized. It feels like a commercial, its a fad, its a cool thing to do. Back then, if you wearing red or blue, it [was] a problem. Now, it seem like everybody unity. It seem like the Crips is cool with the Bloods, the Bloods is cool with the Crips. Its more of an artistic thing. I think its good because it’s not so harsh. People ain’t killing people because you got on red or blue. But at the same time, gangs are for real. People out there losing their life.”

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