Mix Pick: Honey Cocaine – Fuck Yo Feelings

Mix Pick: Honey Cocaine – Fuck Yo Feelings

Toronto native, Honey Cocaine, spits carefree bars with her first mixtape Fuck Yo Feelings (Vol. 1), off Tyga’s music label, Last Kings. Honey keeps her word, your feelings are not a priority.

With attitude and lyrics to remind you: “I ain’t got time for bullsh*t/if I aint getting mine then that’s bullsh*t” Honey Cocaine is a carefree teen who’s refuses to be swayed by your feelings. She also reflects traits of Regina George from Mean Girls, no matter how mean she is the more everyone wants her approval, she’s “Miss Popular.”

Honey Cocaine perfectly exhibits the image of a “good girl gone bad” living life during her high school years; wild, disrespectful, defensive but fun, in addition to having lyrics aren’t sweet enough to rap aloud at your parents dinner table on a Sunday night, potty mouth on deck.

However, it’s the music production that truly stands out with well-arranged snares & drums, for example, courtesy of Flash Faze (“Asshole”) and C.P DUBB (“Ya Own Thang,” “‘Bout It,” “Yellow Bit*h,” and “Waiting Outside”).

Standout Tracks:

1. “Bullshit” feat. Tyga
“Fuck friends cause I’m married to the music/bitch cause I just gained the world and I’ll die before I loose it/now cool it/I ain’t got time for bullshit/If I aint getting mine then that’s bullshit/why you all up in my face with this bullshit/eww, you smell like bullshit.”

2. “Fuck Yo Feelings”
“Hello bitch/see yellow bitch/ I’m Honey Cocaine to tell yo bitch/ I’ma steal your bitch, feel yo bitch, kill your bitch and mail her bits/we live for the game/shit gon’ change/LK bitch and we do this thang.”

3. “Too Pussy To”
“I ain’t never been a pussy, I tell what the deal is/These bitches always being some idiots and they still is/If you ain’t feel this, homie it’s a sign then, that/You ain’t fucking with me, bitch, I ain’t got the time then.”

1. Fuck Yo Feelings
2. Yo Own Thang
3. Bitch Please
4. Waiting Outside
5. Heisman (feat. Tyga)
6. Bullshit (feat. Tyga)
7. Too Pussy To
8. Iunno You
9. Heisman (Part 2) (feat. Tyga)
10. All My Bitches
11. Asshole
12. ‘Bout It
13. Feel Shit
14. In The Cut
15. Yellow Bitch

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