Mix Pick: Elle Varner – Conversational Lush

Mix Pick: Elle Varner – Conversational Lush

The Conversational Lush mixtape serves as a backdrop for the rainbow Elle Varner (MBK/J Records) who vocally paints that rainbow with 13 tracks, skits included. Songs like “Feel Like A Woman,” “Go,” and “EV” are a few of the “colors” Elle uses to paint this sonic rainbow.

On “EV,” Ms. Varner raps over Jay-Z’s “H To The Izzo:” “Blowing up on twitter, Oooh I (Oooh-I) I think they like me/Bet my ex-boyfriend wish he done wife’d me/When he call me up I’m gon’ decline him politely.” With a reggae twist, she sings to her boyfriend who is making her “Feel Like A Woman” (feat. Bei Maejor), “I don’t really know what you’re doin/But I feel like a woman with you, Feel like a woman with you.” On the song “Go,” Elle frantically sings over a fiery beat to her boyfriend, she wants him to stay. “I wanna grab on your feet/ and make a fool of myself and beg you desperately/ say you’ll never leave.”

Conversational Lush is more than enough to hold fans over until the release of her debut album Perfectly Imperfect, which has no official release date as of yet.

1. Hello
2. WTF
3. Feel Like A Woman
4. Do You Want To
5. Refill
6. Runaway
7. Go
8. I Just Can’t
9. Ghosts
10. EV
11. So Fly
12. 32 Flavors
13. Hang Up

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