Mix Pick: Don Trip – Guerilla

Mix Pick: Don Trip – Guerilla

Don Trip‘s Guerilla mixtape received the most burn last week with it’s clever punchlines and lyrical honesty. The XXL Freshman and Memphis’ own, Don Trip delivers his raps with a versatile flow thanks to producers like Cool & Dre, The Renegades, Young Ladd and others.

Don Trip candidly brings you bars about life in the trap with “Trap’d In The Trap,” his growth as a man/rapper “Human,” and what’s it like being a rapper who’s only trying to smash with “PU$$Y” featuring 2Chainz. The 17-track mixtape does not disappoint and appropriately displays Don’s been selected to be a part of 5th anniversary issue of XXL’s “Freshmen Class.”

Standout Tracks:

Sorry Momma:
“A backpack with no books in it,got a quarter pound and a 380/hoping momma don’t look in it/All the sh*t on school campus, I admit I’m pushing it/Left class, sold it all, they catch me they gon’ throw the book at me/I was 17 at Walgreens, but Walgreens wasn’t cuttin’ it”

“Letter to my Son dropped and n*****s thought Trip was all positive/Then they heard my trap sh*t, now they want apologies/Well pardon me, I never leave the streets the blocks a part of me/I’m raised off hot dogs, cold cuts and powdered meat”

Allen Iverson:
“When you come from nothing and turn to a fortune, the people around you all want portions/A couple Mercedes, a couple of Porches/The bit*hes is shiesty so a couple abortions/Hoes get slimy, they all like oysters/The Media picking at ya, they all like Vultures.”

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Words by @NessaLovesMusic

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