Mix Pick: Bridget Kelly – Every Girl EP

Mix Pick: Bridget Kelly – Every Girl EP

Roc Nation’s Bridget Kelly sings passionately for “Every Girl” on her debut EP. For eight tracks, Bridget is not skipping out on fans because there is just enough material to make you fall in love while anxiously waiting for accompanying visuals.

Every Girl belongs to fans of strong vocals, impressive metaphors, and sonic storytelling and Kelly’s EP has all of the above.

A little insight on three standout songs, “White Lies,” “In The Morning,” and “Love You At All”. For starters, “White Lies” opens with the bang of a gravel and the request for Kelly to plead her case which is a shocking one.

Bridget effectively shares to court jurors on “accidentally” killing her spouse and the woman she found with him, white lies, white lies.

The intensity settles on “In The Morning” as Ms. Kelly confesses to drunk-dialing her ex-boyfriend at night, to say to she still loves him and “denies it in the morning.” But it’s on “Love You After All” that Bridget really spreads her wings with rock-inspired edge belting aggressively with funky electronic keys and a raspy touch vocally.

The tease ends here, check out the EP and tweet @TeamYee your thoughts for Bridget’s “Every Girl!”

1. Thinking About Forever
2. Seek And Destroy
3. Every Girl
4. White Lies
5. In The Morning
6. My Heart
7. Love You After All
8. Stranger

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By Vanessa Denis

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