Mistah F.A.B. on The Breakfast Club

Mistah F.A.B. on The Breakfast Club

Mistah F.A.B. was a guest on The Breakfast Club while he was performing in New York on the east coast leg of his national tour.

DJ Envy asks what he’s been working on. “I been really doing a lot of community things,” Fab says. “I felt like, in my city right now it’s very muchso needed, as well in other inner cities across the states. A lot of violence been going on, crazy violence. Like where I’m from… police brutality, black on black crime is crazy, and then it’s just senseless acts of murder that’s ignorant.”

Kreayshawn is signed to Fab’s brother and Charlamagne asked about her using the n-word. Fab  responded saying she doesn’t use it. They asked him about V-Nasty. “V, that’s one of us, she’s like my little sister,” he says. Fab defends her saying you have to know her to understand. They talk about Kreay’s beef with Game and Rick Ross. V-Nasty just finished a mixtape with Gucci Mane and the discuss Kreayshawn going from getting $10,000 a show, to $15,000, to now $30,000 and touring overseas.

He talks about his issues with Oakland radio not playing his music. He said it’s a personal vendetta and he just accepted it but there is changes being made. “Big Von is a real dude because he is standing on what he believes in. He’s like, ‘I’m not rocking with Fab, period, no matter what.'” He wouldn’t even play “Life of the Party”, a song he wrote for Snoop Dogg. “You don’t even understand how much it pisses me of, or has pissed me off in the past, and how much money it has cost me. Its not them, its one person.”

He talks about the BET cypher and award show saying, “They are west coast bias period. I’m going to say Bay Area bias.” He talks about his monthly charity saying they focus on something different each month. Last month, he gave away back packs and school supplies, the month before that was a Silence The Violence Movement, and when he gets off tour, he’s doing Coats and Covers for the homeless.

“Being from Oakland is like my gift and my curse.”

“Where I’m from, I’m a legend before I made it to 30.”

I Found My Backpack 2 is coming out on Thanksgiving.

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