Michael Ealy Talks New Films, Reality Distaste

Michael Ealy Talks New Films, Reality Distaste

Michael Ealy came to visit The Breakfast Club to talk about his upcoming roles in Think Like A Man, Urbanworld, the TV show Common Law and more.

Michael’s first acting gig was in a play, which took eight-months to land after auditioning and taking acting classes. Since his first role, Michael’s career in film has successfully taken off.

While being part of the film adaptation of Steve Harvey’s best-seller Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, Michael talks about the book saying, “No, [I didn’t read the book.] He really wrote that book for women, so there was no reason for me to read it.”

When it comes to women thinking like men, Angela asked if women should approach dating with that mentality. “No, I don’t that’s really gonna help anybody. [If] you read the book, great [because] it will give you insight, but I don’t think it will make sense [to think like a man].”

With cast-mates such as LaLa Anthony, Terrence J, and Gabrielle Union, DJ Envy asked what the experience was like working with everyone. “It was great, no egos, everyone was cool. My love interest was the lovely and talented Taraji B. Henson.”

After hinting that there is a sex-scene with Taraji, the conversation turned to the topic of on-camera sex and how much actually gets covered up. Angela shared that she knew men normally wore a “penis sock” for those steamy on-camera scenes. Michael nodded and talked about his first time wearing a “penis sock” for the Showtime TV series Sleeper Cell.

Charlamagne then asked about his coming television show on USA. “It’s called ‘Common Law.’ [They] pushed it back which is good because that gives it a shot in the summer. It’s a fun buddy-cop comedy and it’s [about] two cops that can’t get along and they end up going to couples therapy. Trying to help them find the tricks and trade so they can communicate better.”

Envy then had Michael to share details of his coming film Underworld, especially for those who aren’t familiar with the sci-fi themed series. “[It’s] coming Jan 20th, 4th installment, 3D movie, and it’s gonna be in IMAX & it’s gonna be huge. See there are these vampires and then there are these lycans; lycans are werewolves. It’s more of a sci-fi [film] and I make it through [the movie alive]. I never did sci-fi before and I never wanted to really until this one came around.”

Since Michael is a trained actor, Angela asked about his thoughts on reality television. “What bothers me the most about reality shows is the content itself. I think it’s disturbing and I don’t think it’s contributing to the betterment of society in any way. I know, people like to see train wrecks and it speaks volumes about society as a whole. I’m worried about the children coming up thinking the way to resolve a problem is to grab someone’s head and to start fighting.”

In response, C Tha God quickly expressed his thoughts on Michael’s role in For Colored Girls. In that film, he felt Michael’s character was a dramatic portrayal of black men, especially when his character threw the kids out of the window.

Michael calmly began to explain: “The other way of looking is, if you understand what it mean to have PTSD, Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome which is something a lot of our soldiers are coming back with. It’s an epidemic and that’s what’s happening, they’re coming back, they’re not getting the help that they need and stuff like this can happen.”

All talk was not limited to acting, the crew also asked Michael about marriage and kids. “I would love to do it the ‘right way,’ if possible [because] my parents have been together forty-three years, that has kind of set the mold. They are more than ready for grandkids and I told them; I can give them grandkids. I can literally give them to them because I am not quite ready.”

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By Vanessa Denis

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