MC Natalie Portman

MC Natalie Portman

For everyone who hasn’t seen this yet and thinks that Natalie Portman may be horrified by the fact that Ghostface is looking for her, as he told Miss Info when he released his video trailer for “Stapleton sex.”

“Ms. Portman (you sexy lady)…maybe this video is more up your alley. And I say your alley with the utmost respect. Have you ever seen the stairwells at Stapleton? I’ll take you.”

Previously, he debuted the song on this very site, and told me:

“I read an interview where Natalie Portman said she likes dirty rap, obscene lyrics and all that. I figure she can dance to this one. I’m looking for you Natalie!”

Perhaps this all seems far-fetched, UNTIL you recall the video Natalie did on SNL, where she spits some equally obscene lyrics. And she’s not half-bad! So Ghost may have a shot after all.

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