Maybach Music Group Invade The Breakfast Club

Maybach Music Group Invade The Breakfast Club

Maybach Music Group visited The Breakfast Club to discuss their highly-anticipated sophomore album Self Made Vol. 2.

Rick Ross:

“Everybody you see sitting here at the round table, first and foremost I was a fan of. When it came to Wale, I just really sat down and caught homie wordplay… I just felt like, under the right music and the right stage, if he just keep doing what he was doing, that it was gonna come to light, and here we are, a year later.”

“Stalley, I followed homie on the underground, independent level. I was watching him put out viral videos and I could just tell looking at him that he was doing it himself. And I really feel like, to be successful in this day and age, that’s something you got to take personal. You got to take that upon yourself to make sure everything really connect with people. That’s what the homie did and that’s what I admire.”

“Meek, I was on the road promoting my lost album Teflon Don. I kept hearing his name so I reached out to him, told him to swing by the studio. He came through, he had just got out of jail, still had his jail house braids. He asked me to get on a remix with him. And what was so special about the situation is, you know dude’s just getting out of jail, you wouldn’t expect him to offer you a couple dollars. And he was just on some, ‘I know it ain’t what you get but.’ I just respected that. I did it for free for homie and we just stayed in contact and here we are.”

“Omarion, we met up at CIAA weekend in Charlotte. We did our performances at the venues and we all went to the strip club Onyx. We balled out and we was both in VIP. We was just talking about a few things. We exchanged numbers. And the homie sent me maybe an album worth of material to listen to and I’m like, ‘This is unique right here.’ So we flew him down and just chopped up the business and here we go.”

Meek Mill:

“I ain’t no jail bird. I just had one big case that had me caught up really. I was just being at the wrong places at the wrong time.”

“I just be tweeting people back like, ‘My nigga, get a life. Whatever you talking about I’m making some money out here, I’m living. I’m taking care of my family. Get a life.'”

“I’m not knocking off Rihanna. But we ain’t gonna finish a conversation about no Rihanna. I got a girlfriend at home. That’s one thing about getting this shit confused with real life. Be going into the house, going in to real problems over radio interviews and blogs. I don’t really be trying to do that.”


“I’m always getting the push I deserve because I do my own push. You want recognition on the level of, or on the same level as others when you put in hard work and you put in the blood, sweat and tears to your music and your visuals. Like Ross said, I pay for everything, I push everything my way so of course you wan’t it to be seen and heard.”

“It’s never intimidation. I’m competitive so I want to be up there with these guys and they motivate me when I see them, especially Meek. Meek was there when I first came and met Ross and Meek told me like, ‘Yo, you in a good place, you gonna get that money if you come over here. it’s what you do.’ And I was all for it because I’m going to put in that work and I’m going to put in that effort so i’m going to get my own money.”


“That’s why I named it Ambition. That’s a big name. You can’t name something like that and expect it to be like a chill joint. I think it should be [bigger] and that’s why I’m so passionate. I’m really borderline crazy over my music.”

“It could of went either way for me. I’m on my second deal. We 3 underdogs for real, that really about that life.”

“I appreciate it 10 times more too. I appreciate everything I’m getting. Every flight, every first-class joint because I used to be in the back cramped up. I’m so appreciative to my radio staff, the PD’s and all that now. Those are the things you don’t really notice when you’re 20 years old getting a record deal. I appreciate all that now.”


“In respects to business, it’s about comfortability. The type of focus and the type of hands on that Rozay is, it’s different from an artist and executive. It’s real special people in the world like Jay-Z, like certain artists that are able to do that. When we had that man to man, that was something he clarified for me.”

“It wasn’t a concern, it was just more like, he told me what an executive don’t tell you and that likes, I been a fan of your music, I believe in what you’ve done. I can’t even recall, having been signed to a few different labels, even executives telling me that. So that made me feel like this is where I need to be.”

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