Mateo Talks ‘Love & Stadiums II’

Mateo Talks ‘Love & Stadiums II’

R&B singer Mateo visited The Breakfast Club to talk about his first job after college, his first deal with MySpace Records, his EP “Love & Stadiums II” and more.

“Yeah, I went to college, got a job and hated every minute of it and decided to do music. I was a strategy consultant and actually John Legend was a strategy consultant too. [As a strategy consultant] you just go out and help businesses and figure out their business.”

Charlamagne then asked what he majored in at Moorehouse.

“I was a music and business major in college. I was like everybody else, you tryna figure out what you wanna do. My passion was music but I was like I’ll follow the path that everybody else was going in. I figured I might as well get a nine to five, but when I got it, I hated it.”

Angela then mentioned his first record deal with MySpace records.

“It was a good experience at that time, I’m a product of my social media. Being able to reach out to people with [my music on] MySpace, [because of it] I was getting features and stuff. When I signed with MySpace, I was like this is the perfect set up. It was cool, like my first incubation period.”

A curious DJ Envy asked Mateo what his signing bonus with MySpace records was for at that time.

“It was pennies, I ate for a week off of that. I thought it was going to be a place where it was gonna be real innovative, ultimately I was just getting promoted across MySpace. [Unfortunately,] MySpace was falling off at that point. It’s like a club, when it falls off, everybody just heads somewhere else, but it was a good period for me and I got to meet Krucial in that period.”

Currently, Mateo’s EP “Love & Stadium Sounds II” is available for purchase on iTunes with “Say It So” as the lead single. As for his debut album, he expects to release it at the top of 2012. Angela then asked if his debut album would be released independently or with a major label?

“We still independent, we have labels interested but we want to show and prove that the music is worth it. Instead of waiting for people to get aboard or guide us with where they want us to go, we’re showing them this is how the music goes,” Krucial explained.

See the whole interview below!

By Vanessa Denis

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