Mac Miller: Independence Day

Mac Miller: Independence Day

“I want to be remembered forever for changing music as a whole. Not just rap… I want to change music. I want to be a part of music forever.” – Mac Miller

Mac Miller sat down with The Breakfast Club to discuss his breakthrough year and plans for his debut album, Blue Slide Park. He talks about appearing on VH1’s Single Ladies, saying some people thought he was just a character on the show and didn’t know he was a real rapper. When DJ Envy asked him why he hasn’t signed a deal with a major label, Mac replied, “I’m waiting for it to slow down. Things are just building so crazy, I don’t even know whats going on. Things are just crazy on an independent level, where I just want to see how far we can take it.”

He said he’s waiting to get a house until after he releases his album, but he’s still at home for now. Charlamagne Tha God asked Miller if he has sex in his moms house. “She’s been letting me have sex in the house since I was like 14, 15,” he says. “She’s been cool about it. I’d have girls over and she would come up and shut the door for me.”

Angela Yee asked Mac about the first time he had sex. He said it was with his homies ex-girl explaining, “Basically what happened. I didn’t really know it was happening. She hit me up, and was like, ‘Do you want to hang out?’ and I’m young and naive like, ‘She wants to hang out? Cool, cool.’ And I told her I was a virgin… I was 14, I didn’t know how those things work.” Mac said,She loved it. I just remember we were watching ‘Nacho Libre,’ and she climbs on top of me and she’s like ‘Do you want to do this?’ and I was all like, ‘Yeah, definitely.’ And then it went down.”

Charlamagne asked about his relationship with Wiz Khalifa. “We’re both signed to Rostrum,” Miller says. “But I’m not signed to him. I do my own thing, and he does his. Its more just being homies. Theres no business aspect of it. I want to put myself in a place where when we make songs, I’m bringing my fanbase to the table, and he’s bringing his, and we have like our own separate thing going on.”

He talks about getting the cosign from Donald Trump. “People were all mad about him calling me the new Eminem,” he says. “I was like, ‘How are you taking this mans word so seriously? Like its Donald Trump, and who really cares?” He went on to discuss the Em comparisons saying, “I don’t really care what the whole comparison thing is. Because I expected that. When I stared rapping, people were like, ‘Oh so what? Your going to be the next Eminem?’ No, I’m just going to be Me.”

Angela asked Mac if he ever thought he would make it this far. “I always thought I could be real ill, and I thought I could get as good as possible,” he says. “The further and further you get, the more reachable things seem. Thats one thing I think my mom was supportive of it. My work ethic is crazy. As goofy as I am and lighthearted, when it comes to taking care of my stuff, I’m 100% serious. I’m in the lab 24/7 working, no sleep.”

Miller talks about his movement saying, “We don’t know if something is just cool right now, and we found a quick bubbling thing. Or if we’re on the path to making history. As an independent artist, we’re doing things alot of people aren’t doing as major artists’. People are kind’ve wondering why? There has to be a secret major behind everything. It’s really just us thinking, being creative, and working hard. We don’t spend a lot of money on our videos, everything’s pretty simple.”

Angela asked him about doing a reality show. Mac said, “I want to put myself to a point in music where I can do all that so easily. It’s not time for me to have a reality show. Because I don’t want people to be like, ‘Mac Miller from the reality show?’ Because I feel like people just jump to do those things.” He continued by saying, “I want be remembered for what I’ve done. Not be remembered for trying to get something poppin’ by doing this, or by doing that. I want to be remembered for having dope music period.”

Angela asked how people act towards him in his hometown. “Pittsburgh’s the last city to really show crazy amounts of love,” he said. “In your hometown, its like everyone knows you. There like ‘Oh Malcolm. He ain’t real, he ain’t actually popping, he ain’t actually big.’ And then they see things really, and then they show love. But they support, and its definitely good. We’re definitely putting on for the city right now, and opening up for other cats in the city to step out.”

He talks about releasing his debut album Blue Slide Park in the fall by saying, “Were going to drop it in a really cool, different way than anybody’s ever done before.”

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