Liza Morales Exposes Lamar Odom

Liza Morales Exposes Lamar Odom

Liza Morales was a guest on The Breakfast Club to discuss her 12-year relationship with Los Angeles Lakers forward Lamar Odom. She said she never stressed him about getting married until after they had their third child. He said to her that NBA marriages don’t work and brought up examples of other players marriages falling apart (Shaq, Dwayne Wade.) She said the sudden death of their infant son led to even more problems in their relationship and then she found out that he had been cheating on her. She talks about her relationship with Lamar right now saying, “we speak when we need to, but unfortunately were not cordial.”

She discusses finding out from Lamar via text message that he was marrying Khloe Kardashian. When Liza was asked what she thought of Khloe, she responded by saying “I don’t know her… I’ve only met her once, and I’ve only spoken to her on the phone a few times.” When Angela asked her if she feels like she needs to get to know her because she’ll be around her children, she replied “Absolutely, I think I’ve made myself very clear, and I hope she understands where I was coming from. Because I told her, my kids are my everything. And you’re a role model when you’re a step mother… so I definitely let that be known to her.”

Liza discusses the rumors that Lamar & Khloe’s marriage was a publicity stunt and talks about her kids relationship with their father. When asked why the kids didn’t go to the wedding, she said “I went with my gut, and I’m glad I followed my gut, because [the wedding] was on TV… and plus the kids hadn’t seen [Lamar] all summer. He did ask if they could go to the wedding and I said No.” When Charlamagne asked her if she wanted to keep the kids away from The Kardashians, she said “Its not Runs House. It’s a difficult situation because obviously, their father married into that family. So its hard.”

She also discusses her fictional novel saying its not a tell-all or an autobiography, but that it has some truth to it. She said that Lamar left her a voicemail congratulating her on the book and said he was happy for her. Liza said she was happy for him when he got a reality show because “he had wanted one for 2 or 3 years before he met Khloe.” She also discusses how they first met in school and why she turned down a spot on Basketball Wives.

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