La La Talks Full Court Life, Kardashian Wedding

La La Talks Full Court Life, Kardashian Wedding

La La Vazquez called The Breafast Club live from L.A. to discuss tonight’s premiere of her new series, La La’s Full Court Life. She says The Breakfast Club is “all over the show” and Kelly Rowland appears on “almost every other episode.”

Envy asked her about Kim Kardashian‘s wedding over the weekend. “The wedding was amazing,” she said. “We had the best time. Melo and I went out and we really really had fun. Honestly, it was probably one of the most beautiful wedding’s I ever been too.”

She discusses selling her house in Denver saying Carmelo bought it out of impulse and selling it was the best thing to do. Angela asked her about living in Manhattan. “We wanted to try being in the city for a little while,” La La says. “So far its been great. We love it. I did find something for a good price, so I don’t feel to bad about what I’m paying right now.”

La La’s Full Court Life premieres tonight at 9pm on Vh1. Watch La La interview with The Breakfast Club in March.

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