La La Anthony Talks Carmelo, Infidelity, Knicks

La La Anthony Talks Carmelo, Infidelity, Knicks

La La Anthony returned to The Breakfast Club to discuss all that’s going on in her busy life as a mom, wife, actress and super woman. She talks about the new season of La La’s Full Court Life, the topic of infidelity in her marriage with Carmelo, pressure and media scrutiny on him playing for the New York Knicks, and her acting roles in Think Like A Man and on the new season of Single Ladies.

Listening to Charlamagne’s advice:

“A lot of people do think the things he says and I’m open to everyones opinion because I want to hear what people think and it sparked a lot of conversation and debate. Dice has been saying it for years since we were in high school. Dice lives by the quote, “everybody cheats.”

Carmelo’s assistant:

“I didn’t have any doubts with her but when you just consistently hear something, and it wasn’t about her, just in general, ‘How do you feel about an attractive woman working for your husband?’ When you hear that over and over, you’re just like, ‘Why is everybody saying this? Am I under a rock right now?’ So everyone was bringing it up, it just brought more attention to it. I’m not an insecure person. I’m very secure in my relationship.”

Knicks losing streak:

“I would by lying if I said when they’re losing games it’s not a difference. If they lose one game, two games, it’s fine. But that was like a 7 game streak of just losing. So of course he get’s all the pressure being one of the leaders of the team. Yeah, it’s hard in the household. Everyone blaming him for everything, it’s tough.

“When you hear all these things and everyday we walk into the lobby of our building and it’s just newspapers with bad stuff about him on every cover, it affects anybody. But we’re fine now and even when he’s in a bad mood, it’s not like he’s taking it out on us, he’s just in chill mode, kinda quiet.”

“Melo does not believe in having sex on game day, but I will go on record to say, the one time we did, he had 43 points.”

‘Think Like A Man’:

“Think Like A Man’ is coming out in April. I love the book, Steve Harvey’s book ‘Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man.’ I think as women, we could take so much from that book. And the main thing that I took away is to try not to be so emotional about everything. We are emotional creatures and men don’t operate like that. And to see that become this great movie, I’m so excited, and everybody should go check it out.”

Why doesn’t La La just chill?

“That wouldn’t make me happy and I feel a man will just not have the same respect for you if you don’t do anything. That’s my opinion, I can’t put that on everybody else but I feel like, there is a difference when you have your own schedule and your own thing going on.”

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