Kendrick Lamar Talks TDE, Black Hippy, Dr. Dre

Kendrick Lamar Talks TDE, Black Hippy, Dr. Dre

Kendrick Lamar talks about meeting Dr. Dre and working on tracks for Detox, new single “The Recipe”, Black Hippy and competition within the crew, steering clear of the gang life growing up and more with The Breakfast Club.

“That’s the whole catch nowadays. You got to go out there and do it yourself. And Dre obviously recognized that we was already developed as a whole team, as a whole unit where he didn’t really have to put all his hands, as far as the dirty work and getting that buzz up because we already did that. So once we got that up, he just wanted to take it to the next level and we gotta move.”

Peter Rosenberg was introducing Kendrick at Summer Jam when he made the comments about Nicki Minaj’s single “Starships.” They ask about his take on the situation and if there’s a difference between “Hip Hop” and “Real Hip Hop.”

“People always try to categorize it but it’s a certain point of time where an artist got to take it to the next level or else everybody be saying, ‘Oh they didn’t grow, they was stuck in the underground scene.’ Then you’ll have that talk, rather than just saying, ‘this is a big artist now.'”

Watch the rest of Kendrick’s interview and be on the look out for his major-label debut due out later this year.

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