Karen Gravano Talks Mob Wives

Karen Gravano Talks Mob Wives

Karen Gravano sat down with The Breakfast Club to discuss her controversial past and her role on the hit show Mob Wives. Angela asked her about not getting along with Renee Graziano in the beginning of the season, because of their families past.

“Regardless, that’s my father so I’m gonna rep him til the day I die, because I love him as a father. But for me to be held responsible for what he did, that’s not what I’m here for, I’m here to just be me. Have people like me, love me, hate me, for who I am”

When Charlamagne used the word “rat,” Karen swiftly replied:

“We don’t use the word rat in here, I don’t like that. I rep my father… I don’t allow people to disrespect him. People say it, you can say it when I’m not here. But if you’re gonna say it to me then we’re just gonna shut the mics off and theres gonna be a problem! That’s my father so I just don’t let people talk to me like that.”

She also said that her family wasn’t in the witness protection program while living in Arizona.

“If [my father] was going to hide, he wouldn’t have came out and came to Arizona and just been like here I am… we never changed our last names, we didn’t hide, we just lived in Arizona. What he did, he did, we accept him for who he is as a father, and he understands what he did. That was his decision with John. He felt John betrayed him so that was his way of getting back.”

Karen talks about getting arrested for selling ecstasy in AZ. She only got probation because her father took the rap for her and her brother. She discusses her issues with Drita D’Avanzo. Karen and Drita we’re friends and Drita married her ex-boyfriend of 7 years. Karen said her and Drita lost contact when she moved to Arizona and heard they were together through a friend. She talks’s about her daughter’s father being black and says he lives in Arizona with her.

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