K. Michelle Talks L&HH: Atlanta, Memphitz

K. Michelle Talks L&HH: Atlanta, Memphitz

K. Michelle joined The Breakfast Club to talk about the debut season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, her relationship and break-up with MempHitz, issues with Toya and more.

Was she nervous appearing on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta would mess up her brand?

“I didn’t have a brand. I was singing and singing like for 3 years trying to sing my heart out and nobody cared to listen. It didn’t really matter. I was on a major label, it didn’t matter. So I’m like you know what, why not? It’s my story. I want my voice heard so I really didn’t have anything to lose.”

Watching singers doing well knowing that she’s just as vocally talented.

“It used to get to me a lot. It really did. I can honestly say that. But it just gets to a point where your like, your supposed to be what god has you. So something I’m doing, I need to look at myself or maybe it’s just not time.”

Watch her talk about how Ma$e moved her to Atlanta (“I had my music on Myspace and he said, ‘God said [to] move you'”) and working with R. Kelly.

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