Justin Bieber Talks Hip Hop Influence on ‘Believe’

Justin Bieber Talks Hip Hop Influence on ‘Believe’

Justin Bieber returned to The Breakfast Club to promote his sophomore album Believe. Bieber talks about walking Floyd Mayweather to the ring, who he listen’s to musically and if he ever misses having a regular life.

The paparazzi invading his privacy:

“Sometimes, when they get aggressive and when they’re all up in your face, yeah definitely. If they’re keeping there distance, yeah it’s part of the whole [game]. But when they start being disrespectful, that’s when you gotta be like…”

Basketball movie with Mark Wahlberg:

“We’re going into this neighborhood where it’s like basically an urban neighborhood and we come in there, us white boys, and we just take over, so it’s pretty dope.”

Hip Hop influence on his new album:

“Ever since I was young, My dad and my mom both influenced me into Hip Hop music so being able to incorporate that within my music is something that I like to do.”

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