Joe explains why he walked out on Lip Service

Joe explains why he walked out on Lip Service

By now, a lot of people have heard the interview we did with Joe and Chico DeBarge on Lip Service. I could only hope that Joe wasn’t too offended by our questions, and I was confused by his reaction when he broke out mid-questioning. We even thought he was joking! Today I saw this article on where he addresses what happened. Thankfully, he doesn’t seem too bothered by us!

“So I guess everybody was throwing things out and you got a whole energy with alcohol mixed in the building. Its just a whole lot of things going on. I was completely out of my element,” he stated. “So I’m just sort of at the point where I was like ‘You know what. I can’t do this. This is not me.’ And I realized. I sort of snapped back and realized that this is not something I want to be involved in. So that’s the reason why I left.”

Looking back on the exchange, Joe was reluctant to reflect on his time on “Lip Service” as he noted the reaction of those who may have been taken aback by the chat while summing up the experience by saying it was “one of those things that kind of got out of hand.”

“I feel personally that I was put in an uncompromising situation, you know. And as far as having to be at a place where maybe I shouldn’t have been in in the first place…it turned out to be sort of a disaster on my part because it’s really not my character and I didn’t want to portray an image like that,” he said. “So I apologize to all the fans who saw that clip and, you know, we’ll definitely get past that. “

With many years in the music industry, Joe has observed changes in the way material is promoted on media outlets. The shift in promotion was duly noted on “Lip Service,” according to the entertainer.

“My thing about promoting an album is completely different nowadays. They don’t want to talk about the music. It’s more about your lifestyle. That’s really what it’s really all about. It’s not about content and music. It’s more about content and lifestyle,” Joe said. “I totally get it, totally understand it and that’s what it’s all about.”

As for any impressions from his interviewer about the way he came across during the show, Joe offered an olive branch in hopes of ending any ill will.

“If I came off wrong and probably, I certainly did, I certainly apologize to her for that,” the singer said.” I don’t want her to think that I was being aggressive. It just it came out a certain way.”

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Here’s the video in question. And thanks to Joe for that very gentlemanly response!

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