Joe Budden Returns to The Breakfast Club

Joe Budden Returns to The Breakfast Club

“I try to not be as reckless today. I don’t think I’m so reckless today. I got rapper friends, like it’s cool. I’m in a different space.”

“All this week I been doing all this promo and I don’t really know why,” says Joe Budden during his recent visit to The Breakfast Club. Slaughterhouse’s debut Welcome To Our House is due out May 15th and they’re heading on a 50-city tour in support of the album. Among other things, Joe discusses putting Eddie Murphy in an early grave on Twitter, gets at DJ Envy about his bouginess, and tells a hilarious story about falling asleep under Tahiry’s bed when she was out one night.

“You know what the problem is, in this horrible, horrible industry, people like myself and like Charlamagne that speak honeslty and bluntly and directly,  everybody just takes it as a stab.”

“If were all to be judged on our first impressions,we all would recant many of them.”

Weapons charge:

“I was racially profiled on Cedar Ave in the Bronx. I was on my way to Sin City one night and they pulled me over for not having my blinker on.” Joe’s license is suspended and he was still driving. “Listen, real dudes drive with suspended licenses… But that case got dismissed. I lawyered up quick. I got a misdemeanor. I turned 3 felonies to [a misdemeanor].”

“I’m not celebrating, you don’t start a fire and then be happy when it get put out.”

High expectations for Slaughterhouse album:

“It’s in most peoples nature to nitpick, we not concerned about all that. We went in there and had the time of our lives, made the best album we felt we could possibly make given the resources. Fortunately, we had plenty of resources. Resources that I’m not accustom to in my solo career. But we made great music, I think probably some of the best verses I’ve ever written, one of the best verses I ever written in my career is on that album.”

Angela’s Mixxyness:

“I don’t go to clubs. Like you be out in the mix. You are Queen Mixxy. You’re queen mixxy, you be out in the mix with whoever’s in the mix, a bunch of girls, a lot of liquor around. You done dragged my guy Envy into the mix. Envy be in the mix. Charlamagne’s probably the only guy who’s still grounded out of this whole bunch.”

“I just got to keep Fab away from everybody. Girls like Fab. We got to keep Fab, Trey, Drake, girls like them three.”

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