Jodeci Talks Past Relationships, Puff Daddy & Up Bringing

Jodeci Talks Past Relationships, Puff Daddy & Up Bringing

The legendary R&B quartet Jodeci, most known from their stint of success in the 90s, stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about their new album “The Past, The Present, The Future”, DeVante’s absence, bad boy image, Death Row and Bad Boy affiliations,

During the interview, K-Ci reveals that him and Dalvin had to beg to be in the group. He recalls, at the time, he was just 16-years-old in Baltimore, Maryland doing the “gospel thing” when JoJo gave him a call and let him hear a demo over the phone. Instantly, K-Ci asked to be in the group and his brother said no. JoJo explained, “He had a group, the gospel group, Little Cedrick And The Hailey Singers, so I was always in his shadow.”

According to Dalvin, their hometown just started to embrace the idea of Jodeci in present day. In addition, K-Ci recalled a time where Mary J. Blige got onstage and snatched the microphone from him, mid-song to warn a fan to not touch her man anymore. K-Ci says that was the last straw. Briefly, Dalvin touched on his relationship with T-Boz from TLC.

Watch as the guys reminisce on their early days of Jodeci.

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