Jay Electronica Across the World

Jay Electronica Across the World

Just had to shout out my boy Jay Electronica who is on tour in Europe and “tour” it down in Amsterdam at the Sugar Factory last night. See if you can even find him in this crazy crowd!

In a recent MTV interview, Jay Electronica stated:

“All my dreams are coming true all across the board for some reason,” Jay Electronica said via phone from London. Jay — who’s on the other side of the pond headlining shows — just celebrated his daughter Mars’ first birthday (mom is Erykah Badu) and his hometown team the New Orleans Saints just won the Super Bowl. Plus his career is on the upswing; life is good.

Jay’s Just Blaze-produced “Exhibit C” is one of those special hip-hop records that you hear and instantly love. An independent release, it’s garnering heavy rotation on major radio stations like New York’s Hot 97, and in the streets and on the Internet the record has the buzz of a #1 single. Several MCs from Capone-N-Noreaga to Cassidy have freestyled over the track on mixtapes and Diddy, Mos Def, Nas, Q-Tip and Talib Kweli have been publicly co-signing Electronica. The record is definitely his breakthrough.

“We did that song in 15 minutes,” Jay boasted. The track came about when Jay and Just Blaze were scheduled to be on Angela Yee’s Sirius Satellite radio show and wanted to make a new record to play on the program.

“We never went on the show,” Jay explained. “We fell asleep in the studio. I forgot the song existed. I didn’t hear it again until I heard it on Tony Touch’s [satellite radio show]. I was mad. Even when he played it on the show, he said, ‘I’m gonna get in trouble for doing that.’ The next day [the song] was all over the Net and people were asking for the CD-quality version. It grew legs on its own. It’s amazing to see. It grew its own legs. To see it walk all the way to mainstream commercial radio is a helluva magic trick. It’s almost like it’s an entity of its own.”

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