Is Pacquaio Scared Of Black Boxers?

Is Pacquaio Scared Of Black Boxers?

Is Manny Pacquaio scared of African American boxers? Well, Bernard Hopkins thinks so…

Hopkins — who said he’s voicing what other black fighters and fight fans are thinking but reluctant to say — is wondering why Pacquaio hasn’t fought Mayweather “or any other top-notch black fighter,” according to the report.

“Floyd Mayweather would beat Manny Pacquiao because the styles that African-American fighters — and I mean, black fighters from the streets or the inner cities — would be successful,” said Hopkins, according to “I think Floyd Mayweather would pot-shot Pacquiao and bust him up in between the four-to-five punches that Pacquiao throws and then set him up later on down the line.”

Pacquaio fought and defeated Joshua Clottey of Ghana earlier this year, but Hopkins discounted that win, saying “Clottey is ‘black,’ but not a ‘black boxer’ from the states with a slick style.”

The Pacquiao and Mayweather camps have twice tried and failed to set up a fight between the two, despite predictions it would become the most lucrative bout ever.

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