Gimme a Break – SEASON RECAP

Gimme a Break – SEASON RECAP

So it all boils down to this… we’ve been following Ky and Nina B for the past twelve weeks on our Gimme A Break segment and I can say that they are definitely two of the most well put together artists that we’ve ever featured.

In case you missed any of the shows here’s a break down of the different challenges. Click on either KY or Nina B to watch a personal account of what went down.

WEEK 1 – Introductions – KY | Nina B

WEEK 2 – Meet the Press w/ B. Dot Miller – KY | Nina B

WEEK 3 – What’s Beef? – KY | Nina B

WEEK 4 – A & R Meeting w/ special guest Natalie Nunn – KY | Nina B

WEEK 5 – The Master Plan – KY | Nina B

WEEK 6 – On the Spot! – KY | Nina B

WEEK 7 – Know Your History – KY | Nina B

WEEK 8 – How to Write a Song w/ Sean Garrett – KY | Nina B

WEEK 9 – The Performance – KY | Nina B

WEEK 10 – Segment Challenge – KY | Nina B

WEEK 11 – How to Get on Radio – KY | Nina B

WEEK 12 – Talk to the People – KY | Nina B

For more outtakes from the show follow KY on youtube/theKYChannel and Nina B on via

Good luck tomorrow guys!

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