G-Unit Talk New EP, Reunion, Past Disputes

G-Unit Talk New EP, Reunion, Past Disputes

50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and Kidd Kidd stopped by The Breakfast Club and openly spoke about their conflicts.

Banks admits he wasn’t speaking to 50 for a while. Fif says, “[Banks is] the artists artist. He just wants to do art and leave it there, that’s it. But the business is shifting to where you have to be a business person at the same time as being an artist… So there’s certain things I got to force him to actually do.”

About his squabble with Yayo, Fif says, “He got upset that I didn’t just give it to him… the money.” Yayo responded that he was dealing with fake industry issues and had the Feds knocking on his door for the Jimmy Henchman case. “I took care of it. I had to care of that,” 50 counters. “Yeah you took care of it. And I appreciate that,” Yayo acknowledges. Fif goes on to say, “But if I’m troubleshooting when it gets to the point that it has to be taken care of, I’m there to take care of it. Don’t expect me to just do it the whole time.”

Among other topics discusses are: 50 putting out audio of Young Buck crying, Buck unaware he owed money for his taxes, issues with Floyd Mayweather, and pushing Street King Immortal back to release their new EP, The Beauty of Independence.

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