Fabolous opens up, discusses 2006 shooting in NYC

Fabolous opens up, discusses 2006 shooting in NYC


Fabolous comes on The Morning after to discuss his “Loso’s Way” release, his Rich Yung clothing line, having a son, and the obstacles that keep trying to pull him back into the streets. In particular, he describes how he felt when he got shot in the leg October 17, 2006 outside of Justin’s in NYC:

“It’s a funny thing on your mind because revenge comes in your mind of course. When I got shot, of course, I just got shot in the leg but I looked at my truck and my truck had a hole in the windshield and I always looked at that like that could have been a shot in a much more critical place, where I could have been shot in the chest or shot in the head.”

On getting in trouble on the twitter:

“Twitter is safe man, it’s just something that’s an extra tool of promotion for me. I don’t really get into that back and forth kinda stuff anyway. It’s not heathy…I’m very interactive when it comes to arguing.”

Congrats to Fabolous for “Loso’s Way” debuting at number 1, which is a first in his career, with sales of 99,000 units!

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