Entourage Saved Andrew Dice Clay

Entourage Saved Andrew Dice Clay

The show “Entourage” has resurrected Andrew Dice Clay‘s career, which was dead for the past decade. According to the NY Post:

“My career was dead a year ago,” the Brooklyn-born comic admits. “I still don’t have too much money. It’s been very hard to pay the bills. But I never judged my life by what I have financially.”

Clay — best known for his homophobic and X-rated nursery rhymes — lost much of his fortune in a bitter 2002 divorce, then fell off the Hollywood radar for almost a decade.

“I sort of self-exiled myself because of what I was going through in my personal life,” he tells The Post. “I felt it was more important to raise my sons [Max, 21, and Dillon, 16].”

Clay talks about going from doing sold out arena tours to doing small clubs and not having much money to finally bouncing back and having a world of opportunites in front of him:

The side-burned funnyman instead says he has spoken with Jerry Seinfeld about teaming up for a series of arena concerts.

He is shopping an autobiography, which promises details of a one-time love affair with “Desperate Housewives” actress Teri Hatcher.

Clay is also negotiating a cable stand-up special and will kick off a nationwide comedy tour Oct. 1 at MCU Park.

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