Drita and Big Ang Talk Mob Wives

Drita and Big Ang Talk Mob Wives

Drita and Big Ang of Mob Wives came to visit The Breakfast Club where Drita talked about her fight with Karen and Big Ang discusses her connection to the show and more.

As the interview began, Angela shared how she learned Drita once worked at Short Hills Mall (NJ), her favorite mall. Big Ang then encouraged Drita to tell everyone the nickname her clients would call her and that was “Angel.”

Afterwards Angela asked Drita how it felt to have her failing relationship with Lee played out on the show.

“It’s extremely difficult and I’m really a private person. I probably wouldn’t have told anybody about it ever, so it’s really heard for me. The show is just difficult for me period, I don’t tell anyone anything. I did work in a department store for 6 years straight, for 55 hours a week and no one knew anything. They thought I had a husband at home; I don’t talk my business.”

Envy then asked Drita if there is anything that could be done to keep her from hitting people on the show. “I think I have to stay away from certain people, I don’t think I have a hand problem.” But Angela reminded her that she did swing first during her fight with Karen.

“I’m gonna tell you why [I hit first] I’ve been in bad situations, I’ve been jumped plenty of times. I can sense things and there is one thing I did sense and I’m gonna explain to you why I swung. Here’s Ramona here’s Karen, they’re standing right here we’re having a conversation right. So if we’re having a conversation there is absolutely no reason for neither one of you’s to move your spot. Karen’s standing here and she’s not a lefty, no reason to weasel your way around Ramona to be in the comfort zone on your right. So in my head, I said, if you (Ramona) move and if you (Karen) move, I’m moving. So [Karen] did this little move and as soon as she moved, I said it’s on and poppin’, I ain’t getting hit first. I know how they roll, they’ve done this before…”

Men are often cheating on the show but Drita was still surprised when she caught Lee and explained why.

“I don’t think I’m the only woman this happens to but, I had a relationship and a friendship with Lee and Lee was never out. What I learned from this cheating experience is men do cheat in the daytime. Lee was watching movies with me and my daughter at 9 o’clock at night going to bed -never saw him out; if he went out I went with him. Was I caught off guard? One thousand percent. Is he even home long enough to be doing this? In my opinion, ‘No.’ I would give you a free pass if you’ve been around for 12 years but you couldn’t even hold out for those two and I had to hold out? I don’t think so. Don’t get caught in the streets, I got pride!”

Big Ang, who is from Brooklyn, briefly explains the history she has with Drita.

“I’m from Brooklyn. I used to have a bar and she would beat up everybody, so she’s still doing the same thing. She used to beat them up and keep dancing and left them on the floor. I was like ‘Hello, the girl’s fucking half dead’ and she’s over there dancing and says, ‘She deserved it.’”

Angela asked Big Ang how she mangaged to stay so neutral on the show because everyone says she’s like a mother figure to them.

“I don’t know [Karen & Ramona], I don’t know their personal business. [Drita] I know from the ex-boyfriend. But I didn’t see Drita in ten years with her new family and her kids. Renee I know since she was a kid because I’m best friends with her aunt, her father’s sister. Carla I know from the previous guy she went out with in Brooklyn.”

Watch the video below for the full interview and what Drita says about growing up in Todt Hill Projects!

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