Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Prophit

Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Prophit

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WEIGH IN: Should Prophit Quit His Day Job?


22-year-old hip-hop artist, Prophit’s roots trace back as far as he can remember, starting with his father and uncle who were both well-known musicians. “I was always surrounded by music,” Prophit says. “I lived it.”

By the age of 13, he’d started rapping and making tracks with neighborhood friends. In 1997, he saw Snoop Dogg share the stage with Korn and Tool at Lollapalooza, which sparked an interest in other genres of music. This interest grew into curiosity and he found himself spending long afternoons reading music magazines at bookstores, scribbling down band names and going home to check them out online. Soon later, he began realizing his strengths as a writer. “In School, writing was my specialty,” says Prophit. “I always put much thought and pride in every word that went from my pen to the paper.”

Prophit left college to pursue work in the music business, quickly lining up jobs at both Columbia and Mercury Records. After some time working in artist management, he finally convinced himself that it was time to let his secret be known. Summer 2009, just barely one year into his grind, Prophit found himself standing in front of a crowd he’d never thought he’d see so soon, Lollapalooza. Playing for a fresh crowd of 5,000 people away from home, Prophit’s show was “highly praised” by fans and industry elite.

Far from keeping his music a secret, these days Prophit is busy pushing his name, working on an album, and performing all over the country. With 2 mixtapes under his belt as well as making a name for himself in the NYC underground playing at venues like BB Kings opening for Lloyd Banks to Brooklyn DIY warehouse shows with friends like Ninjasonik. Prophit is poised to grab the universal audience he desires.

After years of making music and working with a number of artists, this current success is not lost on the young rapper, but it continues to grow. Things are aligning themselves for Prophit in 2010 , “I’m here at the perfect time.”

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